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Less than perfect timing – more BMW engine woes!

Modern Diesel engined cars are wonderful, aren’t they? So much power, efficiency and low emissions (well, during testing at least) whilst not rattling anywhere nearly as much as they used to. One of the best selling ‘luxury’ car brands, BMW, have been at the forefront of Diesel technology for many years, but it wasn’t always […]


It’s almost Christmas so here’s a little poem I’ve written about a day in the garage………

‘Twas the day before Christmas and dumped outside our door  Was a 10 year old Astra whose engine was poor.  The mechanics were all getting ready to leave  But it was pushed in the workshop with a reluctant heave    Their tools were all nestled all snug in their chests  But the boss said it wasn’t quite time to […]


We’re back! What to expect from thegarageblog over the coming months

It’s been almost a year now since I last posted but I’m pleased to say that normal service has been resumed. Much has been happening over the last year in the exciting* world of running a busy garage and I’ve many tales to tell of scams, rip-offs and shoddy workmanship (not from us I might […]


Halfords in the news again (for the wrong reasons!) – A ‘less than thorough’ MOT Test.

A great story from www.garagewire.co.uk Halfords MOT tester guilty of issuing a pass without doing test Whistle blower contacted the DVSA with concerns that a tester was issuing certificates without inspecting cars A Halfords MOT fraudster has been charged. Image credit: Google Street View. Steven McDermott, an ex-employee at St Austell’s Halfords Autocentre, admitted that […]