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Halfords in the news again (for the wrong reasons!) – A ‘less than thorough’ MOT Test.

A great story from www.garagewire.co.uk

Halfords MOT tester guilty of issuing a pass without doing test

Whistle blower contacted the DVSA with concerns that a tester was issuing certificates without inspecting cars

A Halfords MOT fraudster has been charged. Image credit: Google Street View.

A Halfords MOT fraudster has been charged.

Image credit: Google Street View.

Steven McDermott, an ex-employee at St Austell’s Halfords Autocentre, admitted that he had issued an MOT certificate without undertaking the physical test.It followed an investigation by the DVSA which carried out a number of interviews including management staff.

McDermott, of St Columb, Cornwall, was sentenced last month at Bodmin Magistrates’ Court to a 12-month community order, ordered to carry out 200 hours’ unpaid work, pay £2,627 costs and an £85 victim surcharge.

DVSA enforcement manager, Stuart Carter said: “The annual MOT is an important aspect of road safety and DVSA will pursue and prosecute those who defraud the system by issuing pass certificates without carrying out the test.

“This sentence sends out a clear message that those who put public safety at risk will be dealt with accordingly.

“I would like to thank the area team for this particularly good job as it was conducted in a very timely manner so as to protect the integrity of the MOT scheme.”

A Halfords spokesperson said: “We have taken this matter very seriously and always adhere to the highest standards in our 300 centres.

“In this case, through our own internal processes, we identified that a vehicle had been incorrectly recorded as having been MOT tested at the site.

“We carried out a full investigation into this matter, immediately suspended the colleague involved and we notified the DVSA who concluded that Halfords Autocentres had acted entirely in an appropriate manner.

“The person concerned no longer works for Halfords Autocentres.”

Now, I’ve heard of stories like this before but only from shady ‘backstreet’ garages and NEVER a ‘reputable’ company with such a huge high street presence as Halfords. Just goes to show that it can happen anywhere! All I can promise is that the only way you’ll get an MOT certificate issued here at Swiftest is if we actually test the car on our ramp!